Lifelines 5/06/2018

The human mind is amazing.  It has the capacity to take us to mountain tops of joy or the deepest valleys of sadness without moving a muscle.  The blues live just around the mental corner from happiness.  Our stockpile of memories can take us around the world in an instant.  We hear songs while in absolute silence.  They have the power to lift or lower our spirits.  The thoughts that occupy our minds will go a long way in determining what kind of day we will have.

King David knew the ups and downs of life as well as anyone.  He was God’s handpicked man to rule the Lord’s holy people.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  He is the same man that lusted and leaped for the lady next door then conspired to have her husband killed.  Those thoughts saturated his brain.  He could think of little else (Psalm 51:3), and that’s about as low as anyone could go.  Through it all, he remained a man after God’s heart, but he still rode that intellectual and emotional roller coaster.  He has saved us a seat.

In the first Psalm, He explored the pathway of blessing.  The company we keep is influential in who we become.  Pick your associates carefully.  Choose your fields of contemplation with the same caution.  A mind that ponders the massive truths of God is of great profit.  The blessed person has come to recognize the infinite value of the Lord’s message and makes it a daily practice to meditate on it.  Bible study is no burden.  It is a great joy for those who choose to be blessed.

It is clear that our Creator does not want us to live a life consumed by anxiety.  Jesus cautioned His apostles against having troubled hearts as He Himself prepared to bear the punishment for the sins of the world (John 14:1).  He spoke of peace (John 14:27; 16:33) in the growing shadow of the cross.  God sent His Son to make peace (Ephesians 2:14-18).  Yet, we often live anxiety riddled days.  Why?  It’s all in our thinking.

Paul addressed the anxiety issue (Philippians 4:6-9).  He simply said not to be and gave us directions as to how we can find relief.  Talk to God.  Jesus opened those lines of communication, so let’s use them.  Spill your heart’s deepest concerns.  Hold nothing back.  He knows anyway, so, say it.  And be sure to add a large helping of thanksgiving with it.  See what that does?  It gets our thoughts on to our blessings.  Pretty clever, huh?  And he is not finished.

Meditate on good things.  Whatever is praise-worthy is contemplation-worthy.  Fill our minds with them and our lives with Christian practices.  God has given us an incredible tool.  Satan knows it’s amazing, too.  It is powerful in the hands of one of them.  We get to choose which one.