Lifelines November 29, 2020

Seek and you will find.  It is a profound truth in easily understood words.  If we are looking for the bad in people, we will find it.  Ditto with the good in them.  Days are that way.  Life is, too.  It makes the decision of what our target will be extremely important.  Our thoughts, actions, time and talents will all be affected by it.  What are we seeking?

“Seek first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).”  The Lord offered these words immediately after He discussed the misdirected emphasis that those who have no relationship with God have.  They are so busy fretting about food and clothes that they miss the reassurance of a loving Father who promises to provide our necessities.  Of course, Christians would never make such a mistake, would they? 

Seek first means it is a top priority.  His kingdom and His righteousness take precedence over everything.  It is primary, not secondary.  God, who takes care of birds and flowers, is our Father.  He knows exactly what we need, and that is revealed in every syllable that is contained in His word.  We sometimes get so wrapped up in our worldly worries that we lose sight of the great promises and directions given in His word.  Seek and you will find.

David was a man after God’s own heart.  He knew the extraordinary victory of taking down a giant with a slingshot, a handful of rocks and the Lord.  He also experienced the devastating moral failure that comes when he took his eyes off of God and put them on the girl next door.  The king sought the wrong object.  The Lord let him.  He got what he wanted but never expected the consequences.  Seek and you will find.  Lust led to adultery which resulted in murder and the death of an innocent child.  Be careful what you want. 

Jonah ran away from God.  He sought distance because he didn’t want to do as he was told.  He wanted to get away from the Lord.  Storms came as a result.  So did a huge fish, a big gulp and Jonah got exactly what he wanted.  Life from the inside of a fish’s stomach was not exactly what he expected, but he received his wish.  The Lord seemed a long way away.  When he got what he wanted, he didn’t want what he got.  Seek and you will find.

We seek and we will find.  Will the discovery be what we expected?  That depends on whether it is consistent with His kingdom and His righteousness or our own “kingdom.”  Are we seeking to be the king of our own lives?  If so, we may find ourselves eating forbidden fruit like Eve and attempting to be like God, knowing good and evil.  Or David and Jonah.  Seek and you will find.  Simple yet profound, and it never fails.  Choose carefully.