Lifelines December 06, 2020

There can never be a compromise between sworn enemies.  One of them must be utterly defeated, which is exactly why the Son of God entered the fray.  The Lord watched as the battle raged, and all-too-often the evil one had been victorious.  His persuasive deceptions had proven to be nearly impossible to resist, and another prison-of-war had fallen under his spell. 

Keeping God at arm’s length will never work because the enemy exploits even the slightest opening.  It is a losing strategy.  We will never outsmart nor outmaneuver the devil.  His slick packaging took fruit that was guaranteed to be fatal and made it appear to be an irresistible life enhancer.  He has never lost his skills at peddling lethal products disguised as health food.  Don’t let him fool you.  They are still terminal, even in small doses.  Compromise kills.

Make no mistake about it, we are in life-and-death combat.  We yield to one of two field generals, and they will guide us to either victory or defeat.  The only way to win is unconditional surrender to the ultimate source of truth who is Himself the truth (John 14:6).  There are many imposters in the world who seek our devotion, but we must resist them no matter how attractive they appear.  They are losers, always have been and always will be.  So are his followers. 

The Son of God stepped into the arena to defeat sin and death once and for all.  He did not choose to watch at a distance.  He could have tossed a war manual down and left the fighting up to us.  He didn’t.  Instead, He chose to meet the devil on his turf and show us how to fight.  We still have our individual battles but the war is already over.  The world was in the relentless grip of the father of all lies.  He had even infiltrated the covenant people of God.  Then came the Savior.

Satan and his soldiers threw all of their heaviest artillery at God the Son.  Their troops included the religious and civil authorities.  Kings and commoners closed ranks in opposition to the Messiah.  Hostilities increased in spite of incomparable compassion and miraculous demonstrations that should have answered all of their questions but didn’t.  Hatred knows no reason nor compromise.  Evil will not be appeased.  Whips tore flesh, thorns adorned the holy brow and ungodly hands nailed divine hands and feet to the cross.  He was dead…till Sunday.

The exceeding wickedness of evil was on full display that day.  There was no pursuit of middle ground.  No compromise.  It sought to destroy a perfect man.  He had to die.  Such is the strategy of the serpent of old, and he is the enemy of the Lord.  Each day we awaken to an empty cross, and we choose who will be put on it.  Someone is going to die today.  Who will it be?