Lifelines January 03, 2020

Peter, James and John never expected what awaited them on top of the mountain that day (Matthew 17:1-8).  Jesus led them up, and they witnessed the most remarkable sight imaginable.  Moses and Elijah stood before them along with their Lord.  In his excitement, Peter had a notion to build something to commemorate the moment, and that is when heaven spoke brief but unforgettable words which included a single command, “Listen to Him.”

We are in the embryonic stage of a new year which is the perfect time for cultivating the habit of listening before we do anything else.  It will lead us in the right direction as we couple that with our forty days of prayer.  We hear His voice through Scripture and speak to Him in prayer, both seeking and asking for His guidance.  It all begins with the Lord, “Listen to Him.”

Peter would have engaged in a building project that God never intended if he would have carried out his plan.  It raises the question of how many human schemes have been concocted, financed and carried out that the Lord never wanted simply because people did not investigate the word of God to find out if that is what He desired.  They did not take the time to “Listen to Him.”

Adam and Eve paid a steep price for turning a deaf ear to the Lord (Genesis 3).  Two voices competed for their attention, and they listened to the wrong ones.  She listened to the serpent, he listened to her and both forfeited paradise.  The whole world suffered as a result.  Consequences of not listening have always reverberated in wide circles.   

The list of those who have ignored divine directions is long including even the faithful.  King David allowed his wandering eyes to overrule his listening ears and he wandered into adultery and a murder conspiracy.  Religious leaders through the ages have succumbed to the temptations of the devil.  He has a deep bag of deceitful tricks to deafen our ears, divert our eyes and lead us off into destruction.  Underestimating him is a tragic mistake.  

David’s son Solomon was a man of great God-given wisdom, but he had a terrible blind spot or deaf spot might be more accurate (1 Kings 11).  God had prohibited relationships with foreign women, because they would invariably affect their hearts.  He ignored the warning and suffered exactly as he had been told.  His heart was turned away from God, he fell into idolatry and the Lord was furious.  It was quite a tumble that he never saw coming.  He should have.  He had been warned.

Life is a long and winding road.  Scripture warns of pitfalls and speed bumps that are over the hill and around the curve.  God sees what we cannot and knows our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  “Listen to Him.”  Words to the wise from the Father of our Savior.