Lifelines January 17, 2021

Our nation is in desperate need of change. We are anything but united.  Large portions of our country long for things to be different.  The recent election resulted in a new occupant of the White House which pleased some and angered others.  There has been a long, loud and increasingly angry cry from a segment of society for justice.  Prayerfully, someday the forces behind the voices on all sides of the spectrum will realize that Washington cannot solve the root of all of the world’s problems.  They are simply putting band aids on symptoms.

The real issue plaguing our nation is embedded in a much deeper place.  We see violence.  Our eyes can detect that, and we can identify the anger that is expressed verbally in words and visually in actions.  It is obvious, but the “why” behind it all is not.  Fingers are pointed, the shouts get louder and nothing is solved.  Feelings are stirred, but everything remains the same.  Legislation might control behavior but cannot touch what truly ails us.

America has a spiritual problem.  God has been shoved to the side.  Children have been taught for generations that they are nothing more than a highly developed animal.  There is no place for the concept of being specially created on purpose.  There is a reason that each of us is here.  We are not simply the product of random coincidences that resulted in humans.  We have had our true identity stolen from us and are seeing the consequences.  Life is futile and pointless.

There is no concept of the eternal.  Everything is for the moment.  Eat, drink and be merry is the feel-good philosophy of our time.  Let nothing or no one get in the way.  Even the ultimately innocent unborn is at risk.  A view of life in which there is nothing beyond this world is hopeless.  The future extends only to a graveyard.  Everyone is scratching and clawing for their little bit of heaven on earth, because there is nothing beyond.

The cure for our national illness is the Lord.  It makes our mission of being light-bearers urgent.  Darkness has descended on our nation; and no courtroom, laws or politician can touch the human heart which is the genuine problem.  Deep within each individual is an itch which only God can scratch.  People have tried sex, drugs and rock-and-roll.  They failed.  There is no temporary fix for an eternal need. 

The word of God probes the heart (Hebrews 4:12-13).  It touches internal nerves and opens up our private intentions for inspection.  The Lord sees far beneath the surface and that is where His interest lies.  Do we dare look?  Words and deeds originate there.  That is where it all begins (Proverbs 4:23).  Our lives are governed by our hearts.  No, the world is not fair.  It never has been since people snatched their hearts away from God.