Lifelines February 07, 2021

The world seems to be filled with negativity.  New strains of the Corona virus are stalking the earth.  Protests of various social issues are filling our cities from coast to coast.  Violence follows in their footsteps.  Ferocious winter storms sweep across the nation burying regions under near-historic levels of snow.  The country races further and further away from God and suffers uncontrollable problems.  There has never been a better time to take the Lord’s light into a dark, cold world.

We are nearing the end of our forty days of prayer, and it is time to turn it into actions.  We have listened to the word of God and spent time expressing ourselves to Him.  We do not want to stop either of those practices, and now we want to take our rays out into the darkness.  The Lord is the true light, and the closer we follow in His steps the brighter we will shine.  We can, and we must.  There is a deep need.

It’s a call or a card for someone who is hurting.  The virus has attacked just about everyone in some way through friends, relatives or possibly personally.  A word of encouragement would lift their sagging spirits.  The economy has suffered tremendous setbacks during the pandemic, and many of our neighbors are facing financial hardships.  The opportunities are everywhere, and our blessing is to brighten their darkness so that our Father will be glorified.

We often think in big terms when it comes to working for the Lord, but Jesus spoke of feeding the hungry and quenching the thirsty.  Individual rays of light may not seem like much but if each of us focuses on looking for and seizing those openings, we can light up our town with thirty or forty rays every day.  Add an almighty God to our seemingly insignificant efforts, and there is no limit to what can happen.

We have been given a rebirth into this world and at this time.  We are joined together by the Lord Himself who has created us again for this specific moment.  None of us is here by accident nor without purpose.  Good works were in His mind when He generated a new you.  No one can take your place nor do what He designed you to do.  It is a great blessing to know that we are God’s handiwork and part of His eternal plan. Jesus came into the world not because people were perfect, but because we weren’t.  We desperately needed salvation from the destructive lives of sin that had robbed us of our dignity as the crown jewel of His creation.  He offers us a second chance, a new birth.  He resurrects us from a spiritual death in order to send us back into a dead world.  It is gloomy and dark.  They need the light that no one else can offer.