Lifelines February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It is a day made for expressions of love for those who are most special in our lives.  It is a time of giving.  Flower orders and candy sales boom in celebration of love, but no one ever showed it like our God.  He sent a gift far beyond all comparison.

It is a dramatic picture that is drawn through His word.  Divine hands took ordinary dust and fashioned something totally different than the cows and the birds.  It was a human made in the image of the Creator.  A perfect partner was provided, and they shared paradise until they were swayed by an evil influencer.  The crash was dramatic.  Murder within the family soon followed.  Lingering behind the scenes of the deteriorating civilization was a God who never stopped loving them even in their darkest moments. 

History reveals that His powerful arm of love expresses itself in puzzling ways.  A worldwide flood doesn’t fit neatly into our human concept.  Four hundred years of slavery seem inconsistent with an all-powerful benevolent Lord.  His chosen people being ravaged by foreign military powers, not just once but on multiple occasions, can raise a lot of doubts.  Is He truly a God of love?

Yes, He is (1 John 4:8).  It is His essence and beyond our capacity to comprehend.  Occasionally, we catch a glimpse of its greatness but fully understanding it is beyond us.  It spans the entire globe and covers every soul throughout all the ages.  At the perfect moment, He sent His most special gift.  It staggers our minds to conceive of such a move.  The deep darkness of the world was in need, and love acted.  It was like nothing ever seen before.

Angels proclaimed it to…shepherds?  Surely, this child should have been announced to the kings and dignitaries first.  The press agent certainly blew this one.  And to be born in that little village among the animals?  How common.  As an adult He rubbed elbows with the sleazy tax-collectors and the unsavory sinners.  This kind of love sure was strange.  He even talked with Samaritans and divorced ones, at that. 

It is quite a demonstration of the Lord’s love.  He stepped down from the throne of heaven to mix and mingle with His lost and crumbling creation.  He walked into the darkness with His everlasting light and was largely rejected.  He did it anyway.  Love is unconcerned with high hurdles and social barriers as it extends a hand to the drowning.   

Jesus dropped all the privileges of equality with God to become a servant for the needy and a sacrifice for the lost.  Love simply gives whatever it has to whoever needs it.  Prompted by His love, God gave His Son, and His Son gave His life.  Now, it’s our turn to embrace that love and share it with a world deeply in need.  Happy Valentine’s Day!