Lifelines May 02, 2021

It was the crowning achievement of God’s creation.  It was all good, but this was very good.  Humanity!  There is nothing that can compare.  Birds fly, fish swim, cattle graze, but humans were specially made in the image of their Designer.  We were created to reflect our Creator.  It is nobility at its finest.  There is a spark of divinity within each of us.

It is not easy to see.  Often it is so obliterated that it is not visible at all, but it is still there.  Sin distorts and obscures it to such a degree that we may doubt its presence, but it remains.  Beneath the layers of worldly grime and the devil’s dirt is a handcrafted likeness of God in need of restoration. 

Jesus came to open the door for that renovation.  He stepped down from His heavenly existence to show us the way.  It was a dramatic act of love rather than condemnation.  We deserved the latter.  He chose the former.  He could see beneath the damaged exterior to the original product.  Our eyes see the corrupted version with all of its obvious blemishes.  Thankfully, His vision penetrates much deeper. 

It is a collaborative effort.  God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all involved in this incredible mission.  Sin is more damaging than we could ever imagine, and the full force of Deity is engaged in restoring the image.  The plan, execution and follow-through are all part of the process that gradually replaces all of the broken parts.  He works, and we cooperate. 

Born again.  We are blessed to be able to start all over, but that old scarred person keeps wanting to resurface.  We see it throughout the word of God.  The Ephesian Christians had apparently slipped back into their old worldly ways (Ephesians 4:17-24), and there were consequences.  Their thinking was affected.  That, in turn, penetrated deeply and expressed itself in actions which again tarnished the image in which they had been created. 

The old lifestyle has got to go.  It must be dealt with dramatically and finally.  Christians have been given another opportunity, and we must not squander it.  It was too costly to neglect.  We have been united with Christ in our baptismal burial and resurrection.  That brings not only forgiveness but responsibility.  We join forces with the Lord to have that image emerge once again.  We are new.  Now, we must live like it. God made us as a representation of Himself.  He gave us minds for noble thoughts and lives for good deeds.  We mustn’t settle for less.  He made us and remade us for His purposes and to show the world what our Creator is like.  We must not misrepresent Him.  We can still be the crowning achievement of His wondrous creation.  It is our privilege.  He made us for such a time as this.