Lifelines August 08, 2021

The events in our nation’s recent history have been unsettling, to say the least.  We are witnessing what appears to be the unravelling of our country.  Violence escalates as values that we once held dear are rejected.  Morality, or the lack of it, is shocking.  Almost anything goes, and our institutions are supporting the slide.  Biblical standards are ridiculed if not outright forbidden. It appears that we are on the road to self-destruction.   

Trouble is brewing on all sides of the political spectrum as Christians helplessly watch.  God’s faithful people seem to be shrinking in strength and number as the opposition gains momentum.  Through it all, we must remember that God is still supreme.  He continues to occupy the throne above all the thrones in this creation.  He will always be the King of kings.  We may feel puny, but He is not.

The eternal Creator has lost neither His power nor His authority.  As confusing as world affairs may appear to us, He remains in ultimate control.  It is hard to see as wickedness runs rampant, but He is and our faith is in Him not in any earthly organization.  They will surely let us down.  Our Lord will not but confusion still lingers.  If He is really omnipotent, why doesn’t He do something?

The prophet Habakkuk saw his world in disarray and was totally perplexed (Habakkuk 1:1-4). How long was God going to allow all of this evil to go on?  Was the Lord deaf to his pleas?  The destruction and violence were everywhere.  Everybody was fussing and fighting.  Nobody paid attention to the law, the judicial system was all out-of-whack and the power was in the wrong hands. Sound familiar?  So, we pray and wonder.  How long will God put up with this?  Can’t He hear us? 

That was the context within which Habakkuk learned a powerful lesson about God.  Yes, He could hear his requests for action against a corrupt society and would deal with it in a most unexpected way.  In fact, it would be incomprehensible from a human point of view (Habakkuk 1:5).  He would use evil to sweep away evil.  The cleansing of His people would come at the hands of a powerful, wicked nation that was being sent by the King of kings.  Who would have ever figured that?

We are appalled at the state of the world today.  We stand against a deteriorating culture with our sense of powerlessness.  We are outmanned and outgunned.  We pray to our almighty God and wait.  He seems either deaf or uncaring.  The world gets worse, and the beat goes on.  It does until He says it doesn’t.  Then the end will come, either of the whole creation or a part of it.  God is still God.  Never forget.  We may not understand, and probably won’t, but He will work it out in His own way.