Lifelines August 22, 2021

Anger seems to be ruling the day.  The rage smolders like a covered pot on the stove ready to boil over as the media, hate-groups and politicians turn up the rhetorical heat.  Unprovoked attacks on our streets are a daily occurrence, and drive-by shootings are no longer headline news.  Cities have turned into war zones, and the authorities have no idea what to do.  What can we do?

Several generations ago the powers-that-be decided God was a bad idea.  They kicked Him out of school, and trouble soon stepped in.  Fist fights behind the gym slowly evolved into drawn knives and ultimately turned into pulled guns.  Cops replaced the Lord in the hallways, and chaos ensued.  What can be done?  Clearly, booting the Deity wasn’t a good idea.

The time is ripe for the light of the world to shine once again in that brutal darkness.  Jesus Christ is the solution, and it is our task to present Him to a woefully lost world.  We must not retreat from our mission.  It is no longer adequate to focus our attention on those folks over there, wherever “over there” may be.  Overseas is good but our country is in trouble, and there is a desperate need for revival within the body of Christ in our neighborhood.    

Closing our eyes and locking our doors is no longer an option.  The Son of God engaged the unsavory characters of the world, and left the same task for His followers.  Lost people need directions.  Sick people need a physician.  Darkness needs light.  The dead need life.  It is urgent that we take what we have and share it.  Jesus is the answer to all of these needs and more. 

God saw a sinful and needy people and sent His Son so that we might believe and be saved.  Why?  Why did the eternal Creator take such an extraordinary step?  Because He loved us.  In all of our wayward behavior and poor judgments, He extended to us a way out.  Hope that our tomorrows would be better than our yesterdays.  That the light would overcome the darkness.  That we would find meaning and purpose.  It is all grounded in His compassionate love for humanity.

His love is not dependent on our love for Him.  It does not falter depending on how we behave.  It is consistent.  Our response to that love will determine whether we receive the eternal benefits that it offers, but He never wavers.  God is love.  Are we?  How shall we respond to the state of our surroundings?  With love?

The Son of God came to save, resurrect, heal and repair the damage that sin had inflicted on the objects of His Father’s love.  It was a painful but essential mission.  He laid down His life for us.  Love does that.  It gives, not because of who they are but because of who we are.