Lifelines October 24, 2021

The love of God is on full display throughout the Bible. Virtually everyone knows, “For God so loved the world…” That notion has warmed hearts and lifted spirits for centuries. The world will always be in need of knowing of the Creator’s passion for His creation. It is an inspiring fact, but we must not cling to a distorted picture of Him. To be sure, He is love but He is so much more.

It is evident from the opening chapters of His book. He gives us options and facts. He placed two special trees in the garden. It may seem like nothing more than a story from long ago, but its relevance has never faded. We have choices to make and consequences to take. He does not keep secrets. There is a self-destructive way that we are free to choose. It was true in Eden, and it is still true. We decide our path but not the consequences of that decision. Thankfully, He provides both explanations and illustrations.

“…In the day you eat from it you will surely die (Genesis 2:17).” Clear, isn’t it? Yet, we know the choice that was made. She chomped down, passed it on to her hubby and the world has suffered ever since. There was a garden full of trees appealing to both the eyes and the tastebuds but the evil one tempted her to sample the forbidden one. The Lord made it crystal clear what would happen if she did. He still does.

We have a God-inspired book filled with information that will enable us to make wise decisions. Within those pages are the realities with which we must all deal. The Lord is the ultimate reality. What will we do with Him? There will never be a more consequential decision in our lives. It will shape our thoughts, actions and relationships. It will determine how much time we spend in prayer and Bible study. Most importantly, it will determine our eternal destination. How we view God touches every aspect of our life. Choose wisely.

That same book will expose us to our own sin. It opens our eyes to human behavior and tendencies that damage us. It plumbs the depths of our hearts. It shines a light into our dark places. Our faults are revealed and the road to correction and forgiveness. We learn right and wrong as well as the consequences of both. It all became clear twenty centuries ago on a hill far away.

Sin is awful. We minimize it. God is love. We underestimate it. He is also just. We ignore it. His justice and grace intersected on two slabs of wood. His Son hung there with our guilt squarely on His shoulders and the entire creation shuddered. In the midday darkness a spiritual light shone brightly on the human dilemma and the Lord’s solution. He made His decision. Now, we make ours.