Lifelines November 14, 2021

“Where are you (Genesis 3:9)?”  It was the voice of God in what had been the perfect environment.  It is hard to imagine what must have run through the minds of Adam and Eve.  They had enjoyed a flawless relationship with the Lord.  He had given them life, a beautiful setting and one restriction: Do not eat of that tree.  They had violated that singular command, and now they realized that the results were nothing like the serpent promised.

God had made it perfectly clear that the consequences of ignoring Him would have serious consequences.  They tried to hide (Genesis 3:8).  Do we?  It is a temptation to avoid eye contact with the one we must ultimately face.  “Where are you,” is a haunting question.  Surely, their Creator knew where they were, but did they?  It is a challenge to sit down and honestly evaluate where we are in our spiritual journey.

How easily we can fool ourselves into thinking that we are fine.  We read our Bibles and worship on a regular basis.  We faithfully contribute to the work of the church and take the Lord’s Supper most Sundays.  We check those boxes and are on our way, but do we really know where we are and where we are going?  If the word of God is not translated into a lifestyle, we are just kidding ourselves (James 1:22).  “Where are you,” still echoes.

The journey had taken the Israelites from Egyptian slavery to freedom then to the brink of the Promised Land.  They faltered.  Their fear of the opposition outweighed their faith in the God of deliverance.  They knew exactly where they were.  It was within view but beyond their grasp.  It was a spiritual short-circuit that kept them from taking what the Lord was giving them. 

It is repeated all-too-often.  The word of God makes a direct link between actions and consequences.  Faith trusts in that connection.  It is a belief that our Father knows us, what our necessities are and the best way to meet those needs.  It is all right here in our hands to guide our steps, but we must walk.  We cannot linger beyond our own Jordan River and peer into the Promised Land.  We have to go.

The Son of God gave up glory with the Father to search for those who had lost their way.  He provides an escape from our own Egypt, also known as sin, to gain freedom.  If He were to ask us where we are, what would our answer be?  The first couple attempted a cover-up.  It didn’t work.  It never does.  The Lord extended His helping hand to lift us out of that life of shame and replaces it with a blessed life if we will seize it.  Are you still enslaved?  Freed but faltering?  Gazing at unclaimed promises?  The question lingers: Where are you?