Lifelines November 21, 2021

Whatever happened to gratitude?  We live in a time and place where we are prospering more than ever.  Yet, it seems that the combustible tension in the air is increasing.  Media stirs the pot of anger between various groups.  Road rage rages.  Heads are face down staring at phones, and conversation is a lost art.  Relationships have been replaced by virtual “reality.”  We have never had so many gadgets and such empty hearts.

Simpler times apparently produced greater satisfaction.  It’s been said that we are spending money we don’t have to buy things we don’t want to impress people we don’t like.  Silly, isn’t it?  But not uncommon.  It reveals an itch within that we don’t know how to scratch.  There is a fulfilment available for everyone, if we will simply seek it.

The Son of God entered the human arena with the most amazing proposition.  He fought off every temptation to make good on His offer.  He is the perfect satisfaction for our most basic needs.  Sin wrecks us.  Our thinking is twisted, and our lives reflect it.  Once shameful behavior has been mainstreamed.  Jesus came to open the way for something better, more satisfying.  It is a quality of life much higher than we could have any other way.  He changes everything about us including our thinking.

The values of the world are distorted.  The highest priority is given to material objects.  Gratitude seems to rise and fall with how much stuff a person possesses.  It’s not fair if you have more than I do or if your stuff is nicer than my stuff.  Satisfaction remains elusive as our physical eyes dictate whether we are “blessed” or not.  Thanksgiving is ruined because your turkey is two pounds bigger than mine.  That is incredibly superficial but there is a better, more substantive way.

The Lord offers every spiritual blessing (Ephesians 1:3).  He tells us where they are (In Christ), and how to get them (By grace through Faith).  We are free to respond to that anyway we choose, but He has made it available.  There is no way to tabulate the reward.  It includes adoption into His family, forgiveness of our sins, redemption through the blood of Jesus, reconciliation to God and that is just the beginning.  All of that is in this lifetime with the best yet to come. 

Jesus will return for His people someday, and we will go to be with Him forever.  There will never again be the pain and sorrow of death.  In fact, nothing will ever hurt us again.  All of that will be left behind as we experience eternity in the presence of the Lord.  Now, that is something to be thankful for.

Thursday is our day for food, family, football and maybe a nap thrown in for good measure; but the best possible blessing is to be a child of God.  Happy Thanksgiving!      

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