Lifelines December 26, 2021

Year’s end is always a time of both reflection and anticipation.  We look back on the year that is winding down and look forward to the one that is beginning.  For some, it is a time to make resolutions for self-improvement.  It is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of a fresh start with a clean slate.  2022 is a blank page.  How shall we fill it in?

The past twelve month have offered their challenges.  Covid continues to morph from variant to variant.  To mask or not to mask is just one of many questions.  Vaccine once, twice, booster?  All three?  None of them?  Social distance or normal interaction?  One expert says this and the next one says that.  What we believe is largely determined by which news channel we watch.  Uncertainty hangs in the air like dense fog. 

December has been like an exclamation point at the end of a tough year.  It brought brutal tornadoes that devastated a significant part of our population.  The twisters indiscriminately attacked rich and poor alike.  Neither the influential nor the insignificant were spared.  Homeowners became homeless overnight.  The sheer force of the storms stymied an entire nation.  Trusting in our material possessions was exposed for the fraud that it is.  Anything and everything can be wiped out in the twinkling of an eye.

Throw in the crime statistics, and it has been a very troubling year.  Smash and grab is a daily occurrence.  Big cities have become warzones, and all of the bad news is pumped into our homes day and night.  It is easy to let all of the negativity get us down.  Has it?  Will that be the way that we remember 2021, and will 2022 be any better? 

Have we allowed the state of the world to control our state of mind?  If so, then the new year is just what we need for a new mindset.  If we could crack open the door of heaven and peek inside, we would see that God is still on His throne with all of His glory and power (Revelation 4).  Circumstances all around the globe appear to be out of control.  Now is the time to stop and remember: God is still Lord. 

Bad news may dominate the headlines, but it doesn’t have to dominate our heads.  If the last twelve months left us dazed and discouraged, we must change our focus.  It’s time to decide that we will think more on God and less on the world.  It’s not our home.  We’re just passing through. 

Look beyond this creation, and we will discover that the Son is still shining.  Clouds of pessimism and worldly troubles can obscure our spiritual vision.  God still reigns, and Jesus still saves.  Let’s resolve to spend more time in 2022 looking up to the Lord and less time staring at the world.  Happy New Year.