Lifelines: Perfect Security

Security is elusive. If Americans have learned nothing else during this economic downturn, we have learned that. Fortunes evaporate almost overnight. The very best human plan is subject to unpredictable twists and turns that leave us broke and frustrated. Let the finger pointing begin. It is his fault, her fault, their fault. No one takes responsibility, and everyone suffers. We could avoid a lot of heartache if we just paid more attention to the Lord. Jesus warned of the futility of trusting in worldly treasure.

Christians live in perfect security. We have nothing to fret about. Are we worried about wealth? We are the richest people on earth, and we can never lose it. A tumble in the stock market will not diminish our fortune. In fact, a total crash has no effect on the immeasurable riches that we have, and they are securely held in His hands (1 Peter 1:4). No stock broker or financial adviser needed, He will take care of our future.

Health inevitably deteriorates. These old bodies just begin to wear out. Health spas pop up. Gyms are packed. Yuppies jog until their knees wear out, and it still happens. No formula or magic potion can stop the passage of time and its consequences. We may succeed in postponing it, but we cannot evade it. Eventually the heart will stop, and our days in this world will be forever over. Then what? Christians rest secure in the knowledge of a new, immortal body that will never wear out (1 Corinthians 15:42). How is that for a touch of reassurance in an unreliable world?

Even now, we know Who holds us in the palm of His hand (John 10:27-29). His grip is steady. He does not grow weary and never dozes. No one can touch us without first going through our Father. His fingers wrap around our souls, and no one can snatch us out of them. Our bodies may suffer. Our earthly wealth may disappear. They can beat us, kill us, steal our money, but they cannot lay a finger on our souls. No, those are in His grasp, and that is as safe as it gets.

The nightly news consistently reminds us: The world is not a safe place, neither financially nor physically. Security is what everyone seeks and no one finds, at least not in this world. We must look elsewhere. The word of God has been telling us how to find it all along, if we will listen. It is not in possessions. Their lifespan is limited. So is ours, no health guarantees are offered. The only dependable promises we have are from God, and those are absolutely trustworthy. When we have them, we have found perfect security.