Lifelines: Fathers Day Thoughts

Today is the day to honor dear ole dad. All across our land children of all ages will acknowledge their fathers for all that they have done through the years. He has sacrificed to provide the necessities of life. At least, he is supposed to. Mostly, they do. As essential as food, shelter and clothing are, they do not top the list of contributions that he makes to the family’s welfare. No, there is something much more important.

The Israelites lost sight of the significant. They neglected their covenant relationship with God, and the consequences were severe (2 Kings 17:38-41). They had been warned, but the warning fell on deaf ears. Forgetting is always disastrous, and they forgot. It is no wonder that the Lord put the memorial supper at the heart of Christian worship. “Do this in remembrance of Me (1 Corinthians 11:24-25).” We tend to forget. They did and paid a price for generations. We will, too.

Do not put anything on a par with God. He is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Anytime that people demote Him to just another deity, they make a bad miscalculation. The Israelites did just that. Their children watched. They saw the way that He had been ignored, and they learned. The Lord was not treated with the awe and reverence of which He is worthy, and the generations to come were little carbon copies.

Imagine all that God had done for them. He had freed them from Egyptian captivity, sustained them through four decades in the wilderness and brought them into the Promised Land. Yet, after all of that, they ignored Him. They continued on their own merry way doing what they had always done. They refused to change. They had the promises. They knew the history. It did not matter.

They did not totally reject God. They simply reduced Him in size to match their idols. One religion is as good as another. This God is like all the rest. Call it compromise. The children watched. They learned from those who went before them. Those little eyes are always watching and learning, as much from what we do as what we say. They will likely replicate our faithfulness. Dads have a huge responsibility. Have a great day. Enjoy the presents. Just do not forget the influence that you wield. That will produce your real legacy.