Lifelines: Freedom

Freedom is precious. Many lives have been sacrificed throughout our history to gain and maintain our liberty, and Saturday we will remember. It is a great blessing to live in such a land where we can gather on Sunday to worship the true and living God without concerns for our safety. May the Lord continue to bless us with that opportunity as He extends to mankind the offer for the greatest freedom possible.

What a tremendous price He paid to set us free. Sin entangled the human race like a spider’s web. It clings to us, strangles the life out of us, and drags us into sinful arenas that obliterate the image in which we were created. It takes a careful search to discern even hints of divinity in the lifestyles of humanity these days. Freeing ourselves from such an entanglement is beyond our means. Fortunately the One who started it all has made arrangements. It was a bloody mess, but He did it.

Jesus took the full brunt of what we deserved to liberate us from Satan’s stranglehold. Our Father put it all on His Son. Our shoulders were not nearly broad enough to bear the load, so the Savior bore it for us. We choose to sin, and He chose to suffer. The high cost of freedom can be seen through the brutality of the cross. Without that sacrifice we would be forever enslaved by sin.

His life and death were all about deliverance. He came looking for the wayward (Luke 19:10). His heart ached for the confused, the helpless and the hopeless (Matt. 9:36). He wept over the ignorant (Luke 19:41). His blood was poured out to forgive (Matt. 26:28). He desperately wants to set us free yet meets resistance. The road is not easy. Liberation mandates submission. Most are reluctant, so they remain bound. His death begs for a response that most are unwilling to make.

On Saturday our country will celebrate its liberty, but today we commemorate a much more significant freedom. We have been liberated from sin and its consequences. We are blessed to be able to participate in the memory of that every week. May we never take it for granted. The cost of delivering us from that evil dictator was much too high for us ever to forget.