Lifelines: Cast Your Cares Upon Him

We have been praying for increased opportunities to spread the gospel during our summer of evangelism. We are emphasizing the spread of the word of God, particularly in our own backyard. We frequently look to foreign mission fields and fail to do the job at home. We want to avoid that mistake. Wherever we are is our mission field, whether it’s Apoera, Suriname in South America or here in Rocky Mount. We must keep our eyes open for the chances the Lord gives us but in our concern for those outside, let’s not neglect those at 2551 Benvenue.

Their Sunday best hides a heart of hurt. Smiles on the outside conceal tears on the inside. They have engaged in the hand-to-hand combat of temptation and lost. The fall is a hard one, and the pain is virtually unbearable. A joke and a laugh cover the invisible tears. A close walk with the Lord seems out of their reach. It is not, but they resist. Adam and Eve tried to hide (Genesis 3:8). So do they.

The good news of hope is proclaimed but falls on deaf ears. It has happen before (Exodus 6:9). Moses took a marvelous message of deliverance to the slaves in Egypt, but they could not listen. Discouragement has a deadening effect, and they are prime examples. The invitation to cast all of our anxieties on the Lord (1 Peter 5:7) is greeted with a blank stare. They hear the words but miss the meaning and shuffle back to their dens of despair. He wants to lift their burdens. They refuse the offer.

The Son of God came to relieve the pain and suffering that sin inflicts. It is not just an eternal problem, it is an immediate one. Christians do not just gaze wistfully into heavenly bliss. Biblical principles help us cope with the here-and-now. The good news that we proclaim has both immediate and ultimate implications. The load gets heavy when we feel that there is no help.

The muddled masses touched the Lord’s heart (Matt. 9:36). He knew that they required what He supplied. We tend to steer clear of sin-sick people, but they are the ones who need us and Him the most (Matt. 9:12). We will find them on other continents, down the street and right by us on the pew. Today someone’s load is heavy, and they are desperate. Let’s not overlook them, wherever they are.