Lifelines: Choices

One of the few things about which we have no choice is making choices. It has been that way from the beginning. God gave us the freedom to accept or reject Him. Eve chose poorly. Adam followed suit, and soon the world was spinning out of control. When wickedness and violence had consumed virtually every heart, Noah emerged with a different lifestyle. God noticed.

Noah was a man of faith (Hebrews 11:7), and people of faith think differently. They do not simply live in ways that are out of step with current trends, their thought process is influenced by God. Noah believed and responded to the warning that the Lord issued. It was a life and death decision which he took seriously, grabbed his tools and prepared for the ultimate torrents of judgment. The point of origin is the conviction that what God says is true.

Engage the intellect. Drench your thoughts with heavenly concepts. Actions begin as thoughts. It starts between our ears and materializes into actions. We have little trouble understanding that we should love the Lord with all of our heart. That seems natural, but loving God with all of our minds may be another story. Think of all of the impressions that you allowed into your brain during the past week. Did they enhance or impede your reception of Godly principles?

Are we cultivating a heavenly way of seeing reality? Do we include the Lord in every decision that we make? Miscalculations result from inadequate information. We are highly unlikely to come to the right conclusions if we do not take the divine perspective into account. Everyday we face tough decisions, and mistakes come when we do not understand what God says about the matter (Matt.22:29). Without His input our decision making will be shaky, at best.

We must rid ourselves every unrighteous thought that we have (Isaiah 55:7). They are incompatible with those which the Creator of our minds wants us to have and will keep us from reaching our highest mental potential. Our ways go wrong and our journeys are perverted when we cling to them. We are called to renovate our whole way of thinking. The Bible has a word for that: Repent. Refusal to do so is certain self-destruction (Luke 13:3).