Lifelines: Children

Children have always occupied a special place in the Lord’s heart. More than once, He scooped them up to make a point to the more mature. The way we treat them, we treat Him (Mark 9:36-37). It makes us wonder if we are really as wise as we might think. How easily we dismiss the least of these.

His disciples even miscalculated their value in the Lord’s eyes (Mark 10:13-16). As the people attempted to bring the children to Him for a touch, the disciples objected. They tried to send them away, but the Lord would have none of that. He did not like it one bit and said so. To hinder the children was to misunderstand the kingdom of God. To reject the kids was to disqualify themselves. The rejected found a home and a blessing in the arms of the Savior. Yes, Jesus loves the little children.

The Israelites dropped the ball when they entered the Promised Land. Maybe they were too preoccupied with fighting wars to spend much time in the classroom. Only they and God knew what went wrong, but they failed in one of their most important duties. They did not teach their children, and as a result a generation came along that was ignorant of the Lord (Judges 2:10). That began a disastrous cycle that would repeat itself throughout the history of the nation. The lesson is significant: If we do not teach our children disaster is sure to follow.

The Scriptures put a particular emphasis on educating children in the home. No one influences a child more than parents, and that fact is not lost on God. Dads particularly are told to discipline and instruct their offspring in the things that pertain to the Lord (Eph. 6:4). Long before Paul wrote it, that concept was communicated to the Jews. There is no wrong time to teach the right things (Deut. 6:7). Every place is a classroom. Lessons learned in adolescence will never be forgotten. Do not waste a minute.

Our Vacation Bible School is this week. It is the first time in years that we have had a VBS and is our opportunity to demonstrate to the Lord and to our children how important they are to us. The world has never needed it more. With all of the negative influences that bombard them, the children need what God offers. It is our prayer that we will all join hands to make the world of a child a little better and brighter. We will be looking for you Wednesday evening at 7.