Lifelines: In Training

Involvement brings growth. Great athletes do not simply sit in the stands and watch. Improvement in any endeavor demands time and participation. With precious few exceptions, we will not be very good when we begin. Whether it is dribbling a basketball or delivering a speech, a novice is usually obvious. Accomplishment comes through a little natural skill and a lot of sweat. We get better at whatever we do. The same is true of the church.

Jesus offered the perfect training program. He selected a dozen with a simple invitation, “Follow Me,” and they did. They had a front row seat for healings, resurrections, exorcisms and teaching. They saw it first hand. He was the teacher, and they were the pupils. Their assignment was to learn. He did not just tell them, He showed them. Their mission would soon be revealed. There was much more going on than just getting some information into their heads.

They did not remain in their seats for long. After observing the master for awhile, it was time to get into the action themselves (Matt. 10). Being a spectator is important, but it is not an end in itself. The bigger agenda is preparation for the assignment. He called them, and then He sent them. That is the essence of what Christianity is all about. It is not passive sitting but active doing. Jesus began to do and to teach (Acts 1:1).

The Lord put the twelve on a fairly short leash at first. Go to Jews only. No Gentiles. Steer clear of Samaritan cities. Only seek a particular portion of the people. Later, they would have the most important and widespread mission imaginable. The entire world would be their mission field, and disciples would come from all the nations. That was for later, not now. He told them where to go, what to do and gave them a sobering dose of reality: it will be rough out there.

That ragtag bunch would eventually turn the world upside down. Now it is our turn. Getting into the action is what it is all about. We have come together today to encourage each other to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24-25). We each have skills that no one else has. We are unique, and uniquely qualified to fill an indispensable role in the body of Christ. Now let us prepare and get into the game. When we do, we will grow both individually and collectively into the Christians and the church that He intends for us to be.