Lifelines: Spiritual Maturity

Faith takes us on a journey unlike any that we might imagine. Fishermen become apostles. Adversaries are transformed into evangelists. Tax collectors pen holy words. Sinners are forgiven. An amazing life begins to unfold the moment that we believe, and it never stops. The ultimate destination is eternity with the Lord, but that is later. Right now we have maturing to do.

Spiritual maturity is the goal that has been set before us. Our aim is to become like Christ in every phase of our lives (Ephesians 4:15), and anything less is unacceptable. It is an arduous journey. Each heart must subject itself to the careful scrutiny of Scripture as it probes the deepest recesses of our minds. Relationships are adjusted as the commands are applied. The words of God investigate our every motive. The only alternative is permanent adolescence. Some accept that. The faithful do not.

“Speaking the truth…” Maturity demands that we take a stand. Compromise dilutes and distorts that which is pure, and purity is what we need to grow up. It may be unpleasant, but it is essential. The Lord set the church on a firm foundation of truth, and it is our assignment to be the pillar and support of that very same truth (1 Timothy 3:15). There is not another option. If we depart from truth, what is left?

“In love…” This is the second part of the maturity equation. We miss the mark when we leave out one or the other. Certainly it takes truth, but let us not overlook the love component. Saying the right thing is important. Saying it in the right way with the proper motivation is equally vital. We are all fragile and words, even true ones, can be devastating when they are spoken in an unloving way. They build up or tear down, help or harm depending on their delivery. Use them carefully. Once they are spoken they can never be retrieved.

To be like Jesus is a never ending quest. We study, watch and learn or remain stuck in spiritual infancy. As the church lurches through a difficult time in which most congregations are in decline, we face unprecedented challenges from the American culture. Prayer is being outlawed. Expressions of faith are being forbidden. True Christians are being ridiculed and ostracized. It is easier to blend in. We must resist the tide and grow up. Truth and love are the only ways to get there, and we need them both.