Lifelines: Jesus is The Answer

History’s greatest thinkers have run into an incomprehensible wall when they confront the one who is known as Jesus. The pendulum of popular thought has swung from one extreme to the other when He is the subject. How could anyone imagine that mere mortals could grasp the infinite? His complexities demand multiple images to even begin to explain Him, and understanding Him is an entirely different matter. That is a lifelong pursuit.

The first chapter of John’s gospel presents at least ten descriptive phrases to introduce Jesus. This complicated individual already existed when the world began. He was a hands-on participant in the creation. His contemporaries took a good long look at the One Who made it all and saw glory. They were eye witnesses of grace and truth in a human body. He was no illusion. They put their hands on Him (1 John 1:1). People actually touched the Creator. Who could possibly understand that?

And who could ever conceive of the Creator becoming a person? The Word became flesh! He descended from the heavenly throne to a lowly manger and kept descending until His lifeless body hung on a cross. He subjected Himself to all that the world which He made had to offer. Hands with the power to heal had hangnails. He suffered through all of the indignations that humans could fling at Him, and then He died. He knows both life and death.

No one else has ever been equally deity and humanity. He alone has experienced both. In Him we catch a glimpse of what God is all about. At the same time we see the perfect human life. His brief stay on earth offers an education on what it means to really live. We read no words about his home or possessions. What we do see is one who drew His sustenance from accomplishing His Father’s will (John 4:34). That should teach us something.

We have a dramatic problem that could only be solved with an equally radical solution. Jesus is it. The one who was both God and man is the only one who could reconcile the two. No one else could bring the two together after our sin had ripped us apart. He came from heaven and stepped into the human dilemma to bring about resolution. That is how much we mean to our Father. Only one question remains: How much does He mean to us?