Lifelines: All have sinned

Sin disrupted everything. The foreign force invaded the pristine creation and drove wedges in every relationship. Adam and Eve hid from God. Finger pointing began and brought shame with it. Divine fellowship was broken, and violence quickly followed. Evil soon became the dominant mindset, and a benevolent Creator prepared to wipe out His handiwork. The downward spiral was breathtaking.

Sin has done horrible things to this world. Those who were created in the image of God have been transformed into grotesque monsters. It has created an endless stream of nightmarish villains. It has spawned mass murderers and serial killers. Peace and tranquility has morphed into fear and brutality. Music glamorizes it, and television glorifies it while it wrecks families and destroys eternities. In the world of darkness, there is but one glimmer of hope.

“Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29)!” John’s proclamation flipped the switch. The Light is on. The One who was simultaneously God and man came on a mission of mercy. Civilization was sick, and He was the cure. It would take the most profound sacrifice in history to straighten out the mess that mankind had created in tandem with the devil. Behold, the Lamb!

He would suffer and bleed and die because of this problem. It testifies to the gravity of sin and the love of God. He endured indescribable agony as the forces of evil flexed all of the muscle that they had. Sin upon sin was heaped on His shoulders. The undiluted fury of evil lashed His back. Godless hands gripped hammers and pounded nails that ripped His holy flesh. Blood dripped. Satan laughed. The Son died. Behold, the Lamb!

If ever we underestimated the horror of sin, that sight should correct it. He did that to take away the sin of the world. He did not just offer a temporary fix. He took it away, and He paid dearly to do so. That is why He came. We reject the sinful. He died for them. We shun the weak and wicked. He came looking for them. We avoid the sin-sick. He sought them. They need Him, but it is not simply an us and them situation. We, too, are among the sinful, weak and wicked. Behold, the Lamb! He came to take our sins away, and we need that in the worst way.