Lifelines: Our God Is Able

Every Sunday is special when we gather to worship the Lord, but today is extra special. We set aside one weekend a year to really focus our attention and seek to “Share the Son.” Visiting preachers share the word, and a guest song leader directs our singing to make the time memorable. We are glad that you are here to be part of it. Our theme says it all: “Our God is Able.” Let us make it more than a slogan for this event. May it always be a fact around which we base our lives.

Friday evening we revisited a life threatening situation. Three young men faced the choice of submitting to civil authorities or dying. They stood up to the challenge and passed the test. Their escape route led through a blazing oven from which they emerged unharmed. They held on to their faith in a time of crisis because they knew that their God was able.

Last night we looked past the temporary to the eternal. This world offers a quick fix for everything, but the real problem of humanity is more complex than that. A band aid will not cure the dilemma that we face. An aspirin cannot stop the pain. Many reach for drugs and alcohol to dull the ache. That may work for a minute, but not in the long term. Only our Lord is able to fix it forever, and He does.

Today we immerse ourselves into the notion that the Lord can do more than we can even think. Our imaginations are fertile, but they cannot touch the edges of His capabilities. He creates from nothing. He speaks to dead people and they rise. Demons jump at the sound of His voice. His words carry His limitless power which is at work within His people. Do not undervalue what it means to be a believer. It elevates us to a different level, because our God is able.

We misjudge what we can do. He is able and enables us. We can do anything that he wants us to do. We are capable not because of our strength but because of His. All we have to do is place ourselves unconditionally within His omnipotent hands and see what happens. He can do more with us than we can do with ourselves, if we will simply let Him.

Indeed, our God is able. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego stared down danger because they knew it. Our God is more able than our minds can grasp. All we have to do is believe and live the transformed life that faith in that fact produces. Step into this new week with confidence. Our God is able!