In a newly published book about religions of the world, the author observes that Muslims are controlling the public conversation. What they say stands and what they believe spreads. He also notes that the reason that they are such a growing influence is because of their unconditional commitment. Christianity is seen through his eyes as involving one morning a week, whereas, Islam is a total way of life. Converts are not attracted to those with a shallow commitment. The lack of loyalty of those who call themselves Christians is puzzling.

The Lord is devoted to His people. He has worked throughout history to carry out His eternal plan. Through enslavement and freedom, migration and settlement, unity and division, strength and weakness, faithfulness and rejection; He has remained true to His purpose of saving mankind. The prophets wrote of it and the nation anticipated it. When the Messiah finally arrived to fulfill it, they missed Him. No, they killed Him.

The uprising has been perpetual. The Lord came on a mission of love and met with rejection, abandonment, denial, betrayal and crucifixion. His personal delivery of grace was greeted with all of the fury that hell could muster. It all seems brutally unfair, and it is. Yet, none of it caught God off guard. In fact, the opposition played right into His hands to accomplish His plan (Acts 2:23). Such is the loyalty of God to His people.

So, Islam has the reputation of being more committed to Allah than Christians do to our God. Their lives reflect more of an influence than ours. How can this be? Do we really squeeze the Lord into an hour or two a week and then go our own way? That is certainly the impression that is being given by someone. In all fairness, many say they are Christians who really are not, and that is doing great damage to the cause of Christ. People making the claim but not living the life leave a faulty notion of what it means to be a Christian. So, what does it mean?

Christians are disciples (Acts 11:26), and Jesus said that disciples continue in His word (John 8:31). It is not a sometime thing or an occasional practice but a continuous, consistent submission to the actions that His word demands. It involves the totality of our lives not just an hour or two a week. It is always applying biblical principles to every human experience. With His commitment to us, how can we offer anything less? Disciples light up the world (Matthew 5:14), and no one in the darkness can miss it or ignore it.

Call to Praise Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-9

His word on it: Hebrews 2:1

Sermon: “Don’t Forget”