Lifelines August 20, 2017

It is one of the most dramatic rescue missions in history.  The numbers were immense and their conditions were deplorable.  They had neither political power nor hope.  What could slaves possibly look forward to?  Hard labor was their lot in life and had been for four centuries.  Attempts to liberate them backfired.  Bad went to worse.  The future was bleaker than their past.  At least, it was until God stepped in.

He summoned an eighty-year-old whose resume included four decades in luxury and another forty years looking after sheep.  Oh, he had tried along the way to help his Jewish kin folks, but they couldn’t figure out what he was up to.  He was a man of insecurities and doubt, but he was the Lord’s hand-picked leader.  It was not without its lumps, but the mission was accomplished.  The miracles were attention-grabbers, but Pharaoh was hard hearted and it took ten of them to penetrate his thick skull.  All that stood in the way of freedom was the sea.  No problem.  It was an unforgettable experience, or so it would seem.

God provided a path to freedom right through the sea.  It was dry as a bone for their journey through.  The troops chasing them were swept away by the waters.  It was a time of celebration.  They believed.  They sang.  Then they forgot.  Just like that, as quickly as they escaped the enemy’s hands it slipped their mind.  It would appear to be impossible, but it happened in a proverbial instant.  The repercussions of forgetting echoed loudly.

They ceased seeking the Lord’s instruction.  The word of God means very little to us when we forget what He has done for us.  Lose sight of His miraculous deliverance from sin, and we soon stop searching the Scriptures for His ways which differ so much from ours.  They become a burdensome inconvenience which is more comfortable to ignore.

Their desires got the better of them.  They began to lust for the wrong things.  They badgered God for that which was not good for them.  It is sad when people do not get what they want.  It is suicidal when they do get what they want when it is inconsistent with the word of the Lord.  Flesh defeats spirit and death results.

They ultimately tossed the living God aside for a hunk of gold shaped like a calf.  They worshipped jewelry.  It had just been melted and sculpted into a different shape.  What had dangled from their ears became their god.  It all began between those ears.  They forgot (Psalm 106:6-21).

“Do this in remembrance of me (1 Corinthians 11:24-25).”  We have many religious neighbors who think that we take the Lord’s Supper too often.  Every week, they say, is excessive.  Really? Forgetting sets off a chain reaction that will lead us to bow down to earrings.  Too often?  Can we truly remember the Lord too often?