Lifelines– March 4, 2018

Scripture introduces us to the living God.  He is neither detached nor disinterested but rather vibrant and active.  Idols cannot compare with Him.  They are a useless product of human innovation that do nothing.  He sees, hears, cares, loves and acts.  He is angry or pleased.  He is grieved.  Humans are handcrafted by God, and we matter to Him.  We touch Him at an emotional level.

The Lord is aware and reacts to disobedience.  He has expectations of His crowning creative achievement.  We have accountability.  When we refuse to take Him at His word, consequences follow.  Paradise is lost.  We were made to be a reflection of Him, and sin tarnishes that image to a point where it is no longer recognizable.  The living God knows and responds in anger to the devil’s damaging effects.

The cancerous spread of sin is a death sentence for all it touches.  Unchecked, it will destroy the world.  So, He deals with it.  Expulsion from the garden.  A world cleansing flood.  Fire and brimstone on a wicked couple of communities.  Purification of the covenant community at the hands of ungodly military forces.  It draws for us a dramatic technicolored picture of a God who is both aware and involved.  This is, after all, His world.

Never has His concern for the affairs of mankind been more apparent than it was when He sent His Son.  Love beyond explanation motivated the One who created us to seek to save us.  He entered into a world in desperate need.  We cannot sidestep the cold hard facts of sin and its penalty.  The outcome will always be death, and He is the living God.  He does not want dead people.

Jesus came to bring a life of abundance.  In so doing, he exposed the realities of sin.  His contemporaries did not care for the explanation.  His own people rejected Him.  The Son of God came to the people of God, and they greeted Him with hostility, just a small sampling of what sin does.  It deceives, distorts and destroys.  The living God cares very deeply for His creation and the damage that is done by the enemy’s forces.  He gave His Son to rescue us.

Jesus walked among the people.  He was not aloof.  He never retreated to a gated community to keep the commoners away.  He became one of them.  He ate and talked with them.  He explained the kingdom in everyday language.  He spoke theology in understandable words.  He was a reflection of the living God who loved them without limits.  And then He died.

The cross was the ultimate expression of the living God.  Sin is a horror.  It drove nails through God the Son.  The living God planned it and carried it out because of His great love for us, but the grave could not hold Him.  Death will never be the last word with the living God.