Lifelines April 15, 2018

The Bible brings us face-to-face with reality.  There are stars and planets, birds, animals and fish.  Where did they come from?  How did they get here?  Questions begin to fill our minds that we cannot begin to answer.  The scholars tell us of evolution, of a big bang.  Really?  Where did the stuff that “banged” come from.  Where was it and who put it there?  Atheists say there is no God, and we are still left to wonder: So, where did it all come from?  And those are the simple questions.

Answers do not come, not if we exclude an all-powerful Creator.  Explaining the origins of such a massive creation without considering that someone had to make it is impossible.  Modern thinking scurries from one theory to another to explain it.  They give it their best effort but fail in the final analysis.  The extraordinary complexity simply could not just happen, the result of a random sequence of coincidences.  That is when we run into God, the ultimate reality.

No rational person would look at an ink pen, as simple as it is, and believe that no one made it.  How then could we come to the conclusion that there was no master mind nor a designer behind the human body?  Of course, recognizing the existence of a Creator brings us to another great reality: We were made on purpose.  Humans are not an accident of nature but the handcrafted product of a purposeful God.  That gives us a reason to be here.  It also makes us responsible.

The word of God put the world in a functional form and filled it with His creatures.  Humans were different.  They were a specially handcrafted part of the creation, made to reflect the essence of their Creator.  They were positioned above the rest.  The Lord gave him a special place, a perfect partner, a choice and a warning.  Reality.  We face decisions which have consequences.

Satan wasted no time in dealing out deception and death.  He is another undeniable reality.  His cleverly packaged lies succeeded then, and they will now.  We see our nation being torn apart at the seams and wonder why.  The answer could be found lingering under the wrong tree in the garden.  He is still peddling fruit that blinds human eyes and destroys human souls.  He is wicked, and he prowls the earth looking for one more victim.

The tug-o-war goes on, conflicts between good and evil.  God did not hide it.  We see the broad spectrum of humanity in His word.  There is no whitewashing of the main characters.  Weakness is not covered over with a veneer of bogus perfection.  Heroes are real, because the world is, and they live in it.  Satan is real, too, and sometimes he wins a round.  Maybe even claims some casualties.  But the ultimate reality is God, and real victory will eventually be His.