Lifelines May 27, 2018

It was the day that royalty united with a commoner in the wedding for the ages.  All eyes watched.  It seemed as if the attention of heaven was focused on the bride and groom.  She came from ordinary stock.  His pedigree was considerably more impressive.  He was regal.  It was the ultimate mixed marriage.  The two had grown up an ocean apart.  Now, they would become one.

Marriage is of God’s design.  He looked at the solitary man in the garden and acknowledged that it was not good for him to be alone.  It is hard to imagine life as the only person on earth, even if home was a paradise.  Our Creator knew that was not ideal so He made a partner, a helper.  They were not to be in competition but collaboration.  Each had a role in the plan of the Lord.  It is at the very foundation of His humanity.  One man.  One woman.  One union to maximize both.  The royal couple spanned the huge gulf of cultural differences to unite in marriage.

It is a unique union.  The promise is to exclusivity.  Forsaking all others.  No one else has the right to intrude on this intimate relationship.  And neither of them has permission to have wandering eyes.  King David was a good man, but His roving glance led to generations of troubles.  Eve started it with a longing look at forbidden fruit.  It never ends well.  Faithfulness is the cornerstone of marriage.  He to her and her to him.  Forsaking ALL others.

Each supports the other.  Sin has gashed every human.  Husbands and wives are no different.  The effects sometimes run very deep and leave lasting scars.  Weaknesses bring a vulnerability.  We need each other.  The objective of the good marriage is to be holy, and that is no easy goal.  It takes teamwork with each contributing to the task.  When a spouse withdraws that assistance, the partnership is weakened.  Both promised to support each other in the marriage of the ages.  It will remain a strong union as long as both remain committed to their vows.

There is a third party involved in marriage who is often overlooked.  “What God has joined together…(Matthew 19:6)”  Humans make vows, but it is a heavenly hand that turns the two into one.  He has done something that is not visible but is more real than that which is.  Both have left their earthly parents to step into a new relationship, one designed and defined by God.  The royal and the regular have been divinely united.

The husband left His home in search of a bride.  Jesus Christ gave up heaven and proposed marriage on a cross in the most stunning of ceremonies.  There has never been a more unlikely union.  Royalty became a commoner so that the commoner could become royalty.  The two became one forever, united by God.