Lifelines July 08, 2018

Set your mind on things above (Colossians 3:2).  How easily our focus drifts from the eternally significant.  Activities cram our days, and exhaustion fills our nights.  Bills hoover.  Work distracts.  We fall totally drained into bed and all-too-soon have our peaceful slumber rudely interrupted by an alarm that signals another hectic day.  So, we begin again.  Our thoughts are dominated by the things of this world.  Soon, God is squeezed into a single day.  Then a solitary hour on that one day.  Slowly it turns into an hour a month.  The drift eventually takes away one more soul.

Set your mind on things above.  King David lived in much different times and had a unique history.  He spent time with the sheep.  If anything could prepare a person to govern people, that was it.  Days and nights with dependent critters groomed Jesse’s youngest son for the throne.  He had the unusual characteristic of being a man after God’s heart.  He certainly had his spiritual ups and downs, but he had the right internal stuff.  He knew of the importance of the proper mindset.  Perhaps his own experiences had educated him on the dangers of wandering thoughts.

David wrote much about blessings. The first word of the entire book of Psalms in its original language is “blessed.”  That sets the tone for all that follows and guides us into a life of blessings.  It is immediately apparent that it involves our minds as well as our actions.  Our view of the word of the Lord is a huge factor in the process.  The blessed person recognizes the immense value of His message and spends time meditating on the incredible truths of God (Psalm 1:2).

We live in the information age, and there is very little that we could want to know that we could not find out with a few key strokes.  Google can give us instantaneous facts.  It is all right at our fingertips, except the perfect truth about God.  If the internet gets it right, and that is a big questionable “if,” it got it from the word of the Lord.  Spending time pondering those unseen realities is a component of a life of blessing.

There is plenty in this world to captivate us.  Diversions are everywhere.  Focus drifts and it takes a concerted effort to maintain it.  It is especially challenging to remain locked in on those things which we cannot see, but those are the only things which will last beyond our time in this world (2 Corinthians 4:18).  They are eternal.  Everything else, whether pleasant or unpleasant, is temporary.

Set your mind on things above.  Our attention and devotion cannot be on the passing issues of this creation.  They will lead us to think the wrong thoughts, want the wrong things and self-destruct. The mind is a great source of blessing when we use it properly.