Lifelines November 11, 2018

Decisions.  Every day we make them by the dozens.  Most do not amount to much.  What to wear.  Where to have lunch.  How to spend leisure moments.  But there are some that affect our entire lives.  What profession to pursue.  Who to date and marry.  Where to live.  And most importantly, what will I do with the Lord?  That is the most important choice we will ever make, and no one can make it for us.

As Joshua prepared for his home stretch, he challenged the Jews to make up their minds (Joshua 24:15).  They were going to serve someone.  That was not an option.  The only question was: who?  They could choose to serve the same god their daddy served.  The habit of hand-me-down religion has survived throughout the ages, but it is never the best way to make such a profound decision.  What if the family had made the wrong choice?

Another option was to adopt the religious practices of the culture.  New and different is always exciting, and we often seek a shot of spiritual adrenalin.  They were entering a time of transition, and it was decision time.  Our society offers just about any type of worship that we could want.  We get to choose anything from acapella to rowdy rock and roll.  If an accelerated heartbeat is what we seek, we can find it.  Following the lead of our neighbors will take us in the wrong direction more often than not.

Procrastination is always an option.  Side-stepping those hard decisions gives us one more day to stay comfortable where we are.  Joshua put a sense of urgency in his message.  That choice must be made today.  No more delay.  It is dangerous to put it off.  Satan and sin work relentlessly.  Each passing day gives them more time to do their deceptive and destructive work (Hebrews 3:13).  This moment is the only one we have.

There is a perpetual tug-o-war going on over our souls.  We all have a religious heritage inherited from our parents.  That’s what we’ve always done.  Our friends and neighbors offer their version, and we are free to join in with them.  Surely, so many people can’t be wrong.  It can be very confusing, and each of us must make our own decision.  Joshua made his, “As for me and my house…”

Everyone has a guiding light and we all get to choose what or who it is.  For Joshua, it was the Lord.  What is ours?  When the pressure builds, where do we look?  Life has a way of taking unexpected turns, and we need a north star to regain our direction.  Our questions grow with maturity.  Surely, there is more to my existence than just one more paycheck.  We seek answers.  Something guides us somewhere.  Who and to where?  “As for me and my house…” What about you and your house?