Lifelines November 25, 2018

We feel overwhelmed.  The voices that are shouting have grown so loud.  They ridicule the Bible and believers.  Fairy tales, they say.  Jesus is a myth.  His followers are naïve.  “Science” has disproven the creation account.  Darwin discovered the truth.  The “good book” is full of contradictions.  On and on it goes, and it isn’t just coming from atheists or agnostics anymore.  Skeptics have even infiltrated our ranks.  Their numbers swell as our numbers shrink.  Being outnumbered and outgunned is nothing new.

Evil has been on the march from the very beginning.  It slithered into the garden, and nothing has been the same since.  Murder quickly followed.  Warped thinking and destructive behavior spread like a bad virus until virtually everyone was affected.  The majority became so wicked that it broke the Lord’s heart (Genesis 6), but He saw a glimmer of hope.  There was one who had not been corrupted.  Talk about a minority.  Yet, Noah stood out and God noticed.  Deliverance from the coming destruction was offered to all, but only a handful accepted it.

Liberating the Sons of Israel from Egypt was a spectacular demonstration of the power of God.  Ten plagues had answered Pharaoh’s question about who the Lord was (Exodus 5:2).  It was an education that he would not soon forget.  He was a powerful man, and the Hebrews were under his authoritative thumb but there was one who outranked him.  There was one who was more powerful.  He may have had numbers.  His slaves had God.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are a trio who stood up to all of the legal clout the government of Babylon could wield (Daniel 3).  Three against city hall seems like an impossible fight.  It was, only not in the way we might think.  They were commanded to bow down to the image.  They refused.  A red-hot fire was waiting.  Still, they would not.  The king turned up the heat.  That didn’t intimidate them, either.  Into the fire they went.  And out they came, unharmed.  They didn’t even smell like smoke, and there was that one unknown character in the fire with them.  Hmmm, wonder who that was?

Jesus did not select a multitude.  He chose twelve ordinary men with full knowledge that one would betray Him for a fistful of silver, another would deny Him in triplicate before the sunrise and all would head for the hills when the heat was on.  Totally human logic sought to stop Him from following through on His journey to the cross.   He was a solitary figure on a divine mission.  One man in harmony with His Father’s will.  He did not fail.

The Lord’s people have never been a majority, but we have always had an unseen advantage.  The opposition may have larger numbers and louder voices, but we have the One who can raise the dead.  Overwhelming odds have never been a problem for our almighty God.