Lifelines May 19, 2019

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord (Psalm 33:12).”  There was a time in which “One nation under God” was an important concept.  Most Americans claimed to be Christian, and that shaped our national identity. We proudly stood for God and country.  “In God we trust” is still on our money, but is it in our hearts?  Do we really? 

God has been shoved to the periphery, if He is acknowledged at all.  A single protest against any representation brings it to a halt.  Crosses are deemed to be objectionable.  Prayers at public functions are frowned upon.  The Lord has been expelled from our schools.  An entire generation, maybe two, has been indoctrinated in a very secular way of viewing life.  The results are abundantly clear.

America has lost sight of the wonder of God.  Having been taught that humans are merely the product of evolutionary luck, people see no dignity in life.  It’s sad.  We have been created in the image of a wondrous Creator, and that has been tossed aside in favor of a theory that claims we came from monkeys.  That hardly makes for a high estimate of ourselves or anyone else. 

Worship has become a consumer product.  Rather than honoring God, it is intended to please the worshipper (If they can truly be called worshippers at all!).  He is no longer given His proper respect.  It is a tragic turn that marks a destructive route for any society.  Gratitude begins to fade as people become less God-focused and more self-absorbed.  They fail to acknowledge all that He does for them every day.  Not to mention His eternal plan for the salvation of their souls.           

Every breath we take is a gift from the Lord.  Lungs that work and air to take in are not the product of human endeavor.  Each beat of our heart is His work.  The idea of a “self-made” person is laughable.  If God withdrew all that He supplies, we would cease to exist almost instantaneously. We owe all to Him and His provisions.  Respect for the Lord has waned into an ungrateful culture.

God will allow any people intent on leaving Him behind to go.  They will get there wish, and everything gets turned upside down.  It affects their thinking.  No consideration of the will and word of God will surely lead them down a ruinous path.  Their foolish ideas are presented in glowing words with an appearance of wisdom and higher intellect, but foolish ideas will always be foolish ideas no matter how good they sound.  They lead to foolish actions. We watch in horror as our country becomes increasingly ungodly.  We shouldn’t be surprised. The word of the Lord described times such as this (Romans 1:18-32).  Neither the Lord, people nor sin has changed.  It still ruins us, both individually and collectively, and it still infuriates God.