Lifelines July 14, 2019

“It is not good for the man to be alone (Genesis 2:18).”  The Lord declared it so.  Solo flights do not gain the altitude that joint efforts do.  He did not just observe that to be so, He addressed the issue.  It is easy to identify and talk about a problem.  Solving it is a different matter, and God had a plan.  He made a partner, someone who could assist the man.  He knows His creation and what it needs. 

Husband and wife originated in the mind of God.  It is a sacred relationship to maximize the lives of both.  Humans were created to be a representation of their Creator, “Let Us make man in Our image…(Genesis 1:26).”  They were the crowning piece of a creation that the Lord described as being very good.  Then came the observation of that which is not good, solitude. 

Logic dictates that the One who initiated marriage would know best how it works.  Among His first directives was for the man to leave his father and mother and unite with the woman (Genesis 2:14).  His parents are no longer the primary relationship in his life.  Yes, they are still important, but his wife becomes his top priority.  He has a huge responsibility to her.

His role is modeled on the sacrificial example of Jesus in relation to the church (Ephesians 5:25ff).  He gave Himself up for her that she might be holy and ultimately saved.  The actions of a husband are to replicate that kind of self-sacrificing love, giving up personal interests for the spiritual advancement of his wife. 

Wives are willing partners in such an effort.  They follow the lead of their husbands.  When it is obvious that he is making every effort, no matter the personal cost, to lead them to higher spiritual ground it is easy to join hands on the journey.  The eternal destination makes every earthly step valuable.    

Not all knots stay tied, but those who do realize that it is a cooperative effort not a competitive one.  It is a union striving for a common goal.  Husband and wife assume roles determined and defined by God.  The man assessing his part, and the woman hers.  Each focusing on his or her personal responsibility. 

Not everyone is blessed with a successful marriage.  They fail at alarming rates for a variety of reasons.  Some give up, while others never try.  They simply move from one superficial relationship to another.  Still, it is not good for people to live in isolation.  So, the Lord gives us another chance.   

The very One who designed the first marriage gave us an additional one which is more permanent.  The church is the bride of Christ.  Jesus gave His life for her.  He is intensely interested in her, and anyone who chooses can be in the wedding.  It is still not good for man to be alone.