Lifelines August 11, 2019

The family of the faithful operates on an entirely different set of principles than those who walk by sight.  Convinced of unseen realities, we step through the visible world with assurances that unbelievers will never know.  The word of the Lord has revealed facts upon which we base our actions, and we trust the invisible God to know better.  History bears witness to the certainty of that conviction.

Some of the Hebrew Christians were on the brink of giving up.  Tough times will thin the ranks of those without firm roots.  Their experiences had been rough.  They knew what it was to have possessions confiscated simply because they had acted on a new set of spiritual facts.  They had not only accepted the plundering; they had maintained a positive attitude through it.  How?  They knew that they had something better (Hebrews 10:34).

Their circumstances had put their beliefs to the test.  Some had been ridiculed and exposed to public humiliation.  Others had actually been thrown in prison.  It is hard to watch, much less experience.  Property was seized.  The pressure had mounted, and some wavered.  Their own history revealed the value of acting on the right set of facts.  There is something much better and long-lasting at the end of the journey.  Stay faithful.  Don’t quit.  What had gotten them through the persecution?  What they knew. 

What do we know?  We have a book full of facts.  Have we learned them?  Do we know about the eternal home that awaits the faithful?  The situation in this life can be very discouraging if we do not have the right information in our heads, and the Lord has provided precisely everything we need to know (2 Peter 1:3).  We have it in our hands, but it is useless until we put it in our minds.

Internalizing the word of God gives us a different perspective.  Trials and tribulations can sour our attitude unless we see them through the Lord’s eyes.  We feel the struggle.  He tells us that there is a process underway that will ultimately be for our benefit (James 1:2-4).  It develops us in ways that nothing else will.  It is important to know that or we’ll become disillusioned.  That is why He told us.

Everything serves a positive purpose when analyzed with the proper information.  God uses the pleasant and the unpleasant to shape and mold our character into Christlikeness (Romans 8:28).  Our part is to love Him through all of life’s experiences and trust Him to work it out for His purposes.  We know that He will.  His word assures us.

Life can be mysterious.  Some things do not make sense from a human perspective.  That’s why we need to see things differently, and the Bible gives us that different viewpoint.  It is a look from above, but it will never help us until we know what it says.