Lifelines September 08, 2019

We look with horror as our world spins out of control.  Brutality sweeps across the countryside.  Big cities turn into war zones every weekend. A frustrated motorist literally shoots down an interstate.  Drug infestation destroys lives at catastrophic rates.  Sex is recreational.  Unplanned and unwanted pregnancies inevitably follow.  Termination becomes an acceptable option.  How has life become so cheap, disposable and hopeless?

“There is no fear of God before their eyes (Romans 3:18).”  Worldly chaos is rooted in a spiritual problem.  Respect for an almighty Creator has been lost, and the evidence is obvious.  After a relentless campaign that has gone on for decades, the forces of darkness have convinced the nation that He is no longer relevant if He exists at all.  Throughout history, such an attitude has never failed to produce an increasingly violent and immoral society. 

Scripture outlines the evidence that a culture has lost respect for God (Romans 3:10-18).  Righteousness becomes a lost concept.  No one is hungering and thirsting for it.  Pursuit of the eternally significant gives way to the temporarily satisfying.  The Lord and his goodness are shoved into the dark corner of forgotten antiquities.  “Created in His image” is seen as an empty phrase in an outdated book.

It is apparent in our national conversation that the country has lost reverence for God.  Dishonesty becomes commonplace, and lying is acceptable.  Politicians are not even expected to tell the truth, and it doesn’t stop there.  It seeps into every corner of the culture leaving us disillusioned and doubting.  Who can we trust?

Words are used to slash and burn anyone who dares to cross our paths.  Locker room talk is mainstream as coarseness floods the vocabulary.  Civilized discourse is virtually unknown as competing voices yell louder and curse more.  The results are increased tensions.  It is the way of a world without the Lord.  Lie.  Turn up the volume.  Throw in some profanities.  Spread the bitterness.  “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

The trail they leave behind is long and bloody.  It may not be literal, but the misery certainly is.  Skepticism and cynicism.  After all, how many times can people lie to us before we become suspicious of everyone?  Hearts pierced with angry, hateful words.  They can never be un-said or forgotten.  Memories linger.  The damage is widespread.  Dismissing our Creator as unimportant or nonexistent brings dreadful consequences.  It always has.  It still does. Having the proper perspective of God is the whole purpose of life.  If we miss that, we have missed the point (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).  Yet, we live in the age of the forgotten God.  It has been an intense campaign to remove Him from the public awareness. The enemy may have succeeded in that effort, but the Lord hasn’t gone anywhere.  He is still on His throne, and He is still all-powerful.  He is God whether people want to acknowledge Him or not