Lifelines September 15, 2019

“Jesus loves me! this I know…”  Do we?  His love is one that is beyond our capacity to comprehend (Ephesians 3:19).  We can search for a lifetime and never find one to compare (John 15:13).  Knowing such a love is transformative.  Once we capture a sense of its magnitude, we will never be the same again.  It motivates us to respond (1 John 4:19).  If His love has never left its mark on our lives, can we really say that we know it?

It is so profound that it led Him to sacrifice an eternal equality with God to take on flesh and blood.  He entered the world in a lowly way to endure the hardships of being human.  He knew hunger and thirst.  He experienced fatigue and pain.  He stepped away from glory to live an uncommon life in a very common world.  The everyday headaches and heartaches plagued Him just as they do us. 

He was no stranger to the sadness of death.  Even when He knew the ultimate purpose of the illness of Lazarus, He felt the deepest pain for His dear friends Mary and Martha.  Jesus wept (John 11:35).  Think of what a profound demonstration of His love that is.  The Lord of the universe shedding tears for an ordinary man.  He feels.  He cares.  Our hurts hurt Him.  There has never been anything like His love for you.  Never. 

Satan launched all of his heaviest artillery at Jesus at His weakest moments.  Forty days of fasting would have left Him weakened and vulnerable to temptation.  He resisted.  The evil one hit the Lord with His heaviest punches but failed to knock Him off His feet.  He knows first hand about the things that tempt us.  He has been through them all.  He understands our struggles.  He did not have to go through all of this.  It was His choice, because of His great love for us. 

It finds its most profound demonstration at the cross.  God described through Isaiah this climactic act hundreds of years before it came to pass on earth (Isaiah 52:13-53:12).  He made it clear that it was through no fault of His own that He ended up on that cross.  He bore our sins that day.  The sun failed.  The earth shook.  The tombs blew open.  The love of the Son was on full display, and access to the Father was opened.  “Jesus love me! This I know…”  It is generally regarded as a children’s song, and that is a pity.  It is the essence of the best news in all eternity.  The Son of God in all His wonder loves us; weak and guilty sinners.  He came to solve all the mess that we created.  The debt has been paid by a Savior who loves us.  It is worth singing about at any age.