Lifelines October 06, 2019

Throughout His six days of creation, the Lord observed the goodness of it all.  Humanity was the crowning touch on that work, but it did not take God very long to announce that being alone is not good (Genesis 2:18).  Humans are not at their best when they live in isolation. So, the Creator addressed that deficiency with marriage and family.  There is no substitute.

Modern culture tells us it is all unnecessary.  So, there is a wandering from one meaningless relationship to another.  As soon as the initial excitement fades, they move on.  Children are shuffled from one caretaker to another.  Strangers often raise them.  Grandparents take care of the lucky ones.  The truly blessed little boys and girls are brought up by committed moms and dads.  Kids need both and have neither.  Family has been dismissed as just one option. 

Family has been the plan of God from the very beginning, and no one can improve on it.  Circumstances beyond anyone’s control can disrupt it, but no one can change it.  Humans thrive in the secure environment of a godly home.  It is within the biblical framework of the parent-child relationship that infants see the way the Lord intended for relationships to work best. 

Moms and dads who display love and respect for each other provide an education that books never can.  Those examples will be the best classroom the child will ever have to learn about how to treat people.  The world would be a totally different place if there were more Christ-centered homes.  That would be ideal.  Unfortunately, the world is considerably less than ideal.  Thankfully, the Lord planned for that, too.

A sin-tarnished world will inevitably fail to live up to a perfect standard.  Families fall apart.  Men father babies and disappear.  Woman hand those babies off to someone else to raise, and another tiny life is destined to isolation.  Potential is squandered.  “It is not good for man to be alone.”  Now what?

We have a second chance for family.  The failure has come for a variety of reasons, but the solution is clear: Almighty God is available to fill the void.  He has a love for us that is beyond our understanding.  He gave His Son to offer us security forever.  Every day He provides our physical needs, as well.  He forgives and feeds both body and soul.  He is a Father beyond compare.

The Son of God identifies as a brother to anyone who will choose to submit to His Father’s will (Matthew 12:46-50).  This world might tear siblings apart, but He is a brother who will stand by us as long as we remain faithful to Him.  Our judge, Lord and Savior is our brother. Yes, we are part of this great troubled sea of humanity, but Christians are also related in a unique way with a heavenly Father and brother.  We are Family. 

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