Lifelines October 20, 2019

The word was made flesh (John 1:14).  It is one of the most remarkable realities in a history that is filled with amazing facts.  Humans crossed the Atlantic in rickety boats thinking the world was flat only to bump into new lands.  Men walked on the moon.  Scientists discovered tiny particles and enormous galaxies.  It all pales in comparison to the one who actually made the seas, planets and molecules becoming a baby in His mother’s womb.  The word was made flesh.  Incredible.

It was a central component in an eternal plan.  Our benevolent Creator knew before it ever began that the world would go astray.  Sin would rear its ugly head and distort all that was good.  All of mankind would suffer the effects, and it would take one of their own to resolve the issue.  So, He became a man.  It started in the simplest of circumstances among the animals and ended at the hands of ungodly men in a hostile act of brutality.  In between, He lived a remarkable and very human life.

His youth was spent in relative obscurity.  There is very little information that can be gathered.  His earthly “father” toiled in carpentry.  He took raw materials and made things, no doubt an interesting laboratory for one who watched and learned what it was to build.  He would someday teach people how to construct a life.  He would share profound lessons in simple terms like building houses.  He communicated at human levels.    

He knew what it was to be hungry and tired.  He felt tugging temptations of this world just as we do.  He was not exempt from any of the struggles that come with being flesh and blood.  He experienced loneliness in the worst way on the cross.  He took our sins on His shoulders and endured the horrible trauma in isolation.  Forsaken by everyone closest to Him, including His Father, He died all alone.  Being our Savior is tough business.        

The Son of God stepped into human skin and accomplished what no one else could (Hebrews 2:14-18).  He took the devil’s most powerful blow, victoriously emerged from the tomb and liberated those held captive by the death threat.  He has taken up His role as our High priest who is both merciful and faithful.  He understands, and He paid the debt that we owed.  It was a costly transaction without which we would be hopelessly alienated from God.

It is hard to imagine the creator with a hangnail.  Deity with heartburn or a headache.  Did He grow discouraged?  Did He ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed?  Did Mary give Him household chores.  Did Joseph ever fuss at Him?  Some things we will never know this side of eternity, but we can know this: The Lord loves us so much that He became one of us to save us, and that is pretty amazing.