Lifelines March 22, 2020

Where is God?  The question hangs in the air as the world has been turned upside by a microscopic virus that has taken the lives of some and scared billions more nearly to death.  Schools are closed, gatherings are discouraged, events are cancelled and people have retreated behind closed doors.  The economy has suffered as much as the people.  If the Lord exists and is so loving, why is this happening?

We long for an answer.  Surely, there is one.  Medical experts frantically search for a vaccine.  Sickness and death circle the globe, and we realize our helplessness.  We are unable to stop it, but God could if He is really all-powerful.  If only He would explain Himself.  He doesn’t.  Silence.  And we wonder.

We have been put in our place.  We wear masks, buy toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and scrub down as if we were going into surgery.  The virus spreads in spite of it all.  We’ve been to the moon and back but cannot halt this marching sickness.  Eventually, we probably will but not now.  We are no match for something we cannot even see.  That which brings us to our knees is pretty humbling, isn’t it?

Where is God?  He’s the same place He’s always been.  People have ignored Him, opposed Him, rejected Him, ridiculed Him and even killed His Son but they cannot change Him.  He is still God.  We will never know the reason for this pandemic, but we can learn from it.

Our lives are in hands bigger than ours.  Before we were visible God was at work within our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-16).  Each person is fearfully and wonderfully handcrafted by Him in His image.  We are all reflections of our maker even though it may be deeply tarnished, and our days are known to Him.  Every breath we take and each beat of our heart are totally dependent on Him (Acts 17:25).  

Life is temporary.  We all have the same appointment with death.  It may not be the result of some worldwide virus, but it will come to everyone someday and then there will be judgment (Hebrews 9:27).  That is a certainty, but the date and time is not.  Neither is the how.  Foolish is the person who does not prepare for a meeting that could come at any moment.

Where is the Lord?  He is on the throne of judgment.  It is before Him that we must all appear (2 Corinthians 5:10).  That can be a frightening prospect, but it does not have to be.  His own cross on history’s horizon makes it possible for us to live a life unshackled from the fear of death (Hebrews 2:14-15).  The ultimate problem is sin, and our judge bears the scars of suffering the penalty you and I deserved.  We will stand before Him some day as either friend or foe.  Which will it be?