We all seek those memorable moments, the ones we call mountaintop experiences. They are the times when we see things differently. It may be a moment of clarity, a well-presented lesson or an insight that really opens our eyes. Minds are changed and lifestyles follow. We spend most of our time in the valley. It is monotonous there, uninspired and mundane. But every once in a while we break the clouds and peek at the peak.

Sinai was the one for Moses (Exodus 19:20ff). Any journey that includes hand-delivered instructions from the Lord is more than special. Peter, James and John joined very exclusive company in their trip to the top. They saw and heard what no one else ever had (Matthew 17:1-8). Men from antiquity accompanied by a declaration from heaven about their contemporary must have etched a permanent place in their memory.

Jesus took the masses into a unique classroom when He strolled up the mountain to preach His most famous sermon (Matthew 5-7). He turned their world upside down and set disciples on a road that altered history. The concept of what it means to be in the kingdom of heaven took a dramatic turn. The Lord taught. The crowds were wowed. Perceptions were changed (Matt. 7:28-29). It is rare air up on that mountain.

We trudge upward in anticipation. We sense a life-changing event is just around the bend. We may be pushed, led or voluntarily make that upward march. In any case, be careful. Altitude alters attitude. The world looks different. Ambitions are affected. When we arrive, we need to remember that the Lord is not the only one who occupies that ground. The devil knows about that special place, too, with his world full of trinkets to offer (Matthew 4:8-9). He sure has a way of making terrible choices appealing.

Kingdoms, glory, affection and devotion are all at stake up on that mountain. God gave His 10 commandments up on one. He issued the order to listen to His Son over and above anyone else at the summit of another. That very same Son, to Whom we are to give exclusive attention, taught from a similar location. The words of God have been changing reality from the very beginning, and they were given on the mountain. Listen carefully, and remember that there are two voices that echo from the mountaintop. We must be sure that we hear the right one.

Call to Praise Scripture: John 4:21-24

His word on it: Matthew 2:2

Sermon: “Worship Fit For a King”