Lifelines July 05, 2020

There can be no doubt that God wants to bless us.  He immediately identified a deficiency in man and created woman.  He placed them in paradise, and their disobedience cost them that ideal location.  The Lord arranged to take care of that, as well.  He foresaw every disastrous decision that His beloved creation would ever make and planned a solution for them all. 

He summoned Abram from his home and family to an undesignated destination. With nothing more than a handful of promises, Abram went.  The Creator promised to make this faithful man a great nation and name, to bless him and through him all the families of the earth would be blessed.  It was an extraordinary plan that was unfolding through flawed humanity.  It is an absolute certainty that almighty God has a great desire to bless us and has been working it out ever since the beginning. 

The pilgrimage to blessings has taken the Lord’s people from flood to slavery, from unity to division, from obedience to rebellion, from lost to saved.  Yet, in and through it all, the strategy of the Lord never failed.  No human GPS could have ever anticipated the route through which He brought His people.  He designed the journey with the destination predetermined.  The Lord has total knowledge of what it is to be blessed and how to achieve it.  We can be totally confident of that, even when we are totally befuddled about what’s going on.  Rest assured; He isn’t.

The shared eternity of the Father and Son bear witness to the deep desire that God has to bless us.  It tore apart the inseparable so that the curse of sin could be erased.  God the Son stepped down from heaven to take on the burden of guilty humanity.  An insurmountable debt was owed and He paid it, although He had no part in it.  The innocent intentionally suffering for the guilty makes no earthly sense.  Wrestling with that notion brings us in touch with the grace through which we are blessed. 

We sing of His “Amazing Grace.”  Without it, we would be eternally lost with no chance of redemption and reconciliation.  That one astonishing characteristic of God makes His stockpile blessings possible.  We blew our credentials to claim worthiness at the first sin.  We can stake no claim of deserving what only the Lord can give.  No, it is a gift of His grace from beginning to end.  Just saying it has a sense of redundancy.  His gift is a gift, so powerful is His desire to bless us. 

We can be positively certain of it.  Our Creator wants to bless us, is able to bless us and has told us how to be blessed.  We have all of the information we need to have the life that only He can make possible, and it is a sure guide into a perfect eternity.