Lifelines September 06, 2020

It was a day like no other (Acts 2).  Never before nor since has there been such a display of divine power.  The religious faithful had gathered for the Day of Pentecost, but they never expected this.  It sounded like a tornado.  Humans looked like candles.  Uneducated men spoke in foreign languages.  Heads spun and accusations flew.  Too much wine!  Wrong, it was not about tongues, sounds or sights; nor were they drunk.  This was God in action.  It was all to attract attention to one individual.

Peter seized upon the opportunity, but it wasn’t about him either.  This was much bigger than a converted fisherman.  Joel wrote about it centuries before this day.  David did, too.  The voice of God through the pens of men had told of this unfolding story.  The audience had unknowingly been part of the ultimate chapter, and now they felt the piercing pain of truth.  They had killed the Lord and Christ. 

This was reality.  It was true as the conspiracy to destroy Jesus was formed, and Satan squeezed the heart of Judas.  It was a fact as they mocked and beat Jesus.  As the crown of thorns was thrust upon His head and the blood dripped down His face.  As the sweaty hands pounded the crucifying nails through the hands and feet of the Son of God.  When the sword sliced into His side. “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?”  “It is finished.” A divine plan of redemption carried out in unsuspecting hatred.  This was the One.  He is the reason for the extraordinary demonstration of the Day of Pentecost.  Not Peter.  Not the miraculous, but Jesus Christ the Savior.

Everything changed that day.  Actually, it was already different.  They just didn’t know.  The real turning point for thousands of lost believers was when they heard.  They knew what had recently happened in their city and were certainly familiar with the messages of their Scriptures.  Peter connected all of the right dots and it hit home when they finally listened.  Hearing it set off a chain reaction that began with a simple question, “What shall we do? (Verse 37)”

They heard before they asked.  The message had been a mixture of an eternal strategy, their guilt and God’s power.  It prompted the most important quest for information that we will ever undertake.  It was triggered by Peter’s presentation which they heard.  It gives greater significance to spreading the gospel, for the unlimited power of God to save stands behind it.  He can raise the spiritually dead just as He resurrected His Son. We live among a lost people, and it may seem that it is beyond repair.  It isn’t.  Remember the limitless ability of God and the power of His message.  It even reached the hearts of the wicked Corinthians when they heard it (Acts 18:8).  It is our assignment to speak it.