Lifelines September 13, 2020

What thoughts must have swirled through Abraham’s mind as he trudged up the mountain?  It had been many years, several decades in fact, since God summoned him to a new life.  It was one that took him away from his homeland and people to an undesignated location.  It involved not only sacrifice, but also promises.  He had enough faith in the promiser to trust Him to follow through, but this was an entirely different matter.    

Faith moved his feet.  The command to sacrifice his child had been clear.  God knew of Abraham’s affection for this boy.  He said so.  He also was aware of the unique position that this son held in His eternal plan.  He mentioned that, too.  Yet, He tested the depths of Abraham’s faith.  The time would come when this same God would offer His own beloved unique Son in sacrifice, but today it was Abraham’s turn.  He passed with flying colors.

It is an open door into the life of this extraordinary man of faith.  He believed God, not just in God, but also His promises.  It led Him into a dramatically different life with an unknown destination.  He didn’t demand answers when the Lord called him away from home and eventually up the mountain of sacrifice.  He held on to the hand of the One he trusted with his life and that of his beloved son.  He believed that God could raise the dead, and that changed everything (Hebrews 11:19).

We all have an old life that holds us back from fully following the Lord.  It is people, places and things that have our attention.  The old crowd is difficult to leave.  Surely, just a few visits won’t hurt anything.  They mock, and we join in.  Habits are hard to break.  Temptations are strong.  Sin seduces, and the world wins one more for Satan.

Abraham was called to a blessed new life, one which would bring blessings to the entire world.  So have we.  Blessed to be a blessing.  Our role may not be as dramatic as his, but we have a place in the Lord’s eternal plan.  It awaits us as we step away from the broad path onto the narrow road, but we have to take that step.   

There are many delays on that journey.  Many years passed between the call of Abraham and the fulfillment.  We are puzzled and confused at times.  We stumble, dust ourselves off and travel on.  Then we encounter our own mountaintop experience, but it is rarely as popularly advertised.  Ask Abraham.  His trip up the mountain was in response to the Lord’s command that he sacrifice the most important object in his life, his beloved unique son.

Faith, pure and simple, led him to obey.  He didn’t have all the answers.  Neither will we.  It wasn’t without cost.  Ours won’t be, either.  But the benefits are out of this world.