Lifelines October 04, 2020

2020 has certainly been unique.  We began the year with forty days of prayer for better spiritual vision, and the opening of our eyes has been profound.  It is doubtful that we have reached 20/20 just yet, but hopefully we have improved in our perceptions.  The Lord has surely provided ample opportunities for us to see our lives in a different light. 

The pandemic hit full throttle early in the year.  A tiny, virtually invisible menace swept around the world stopping us in our tracks.  It is certainly humbling to be driven into our homes by something so tiny.  We imagine that we can handle anything.  Our technology has advanced to the point of creating a misguided notion that nothing can stop us, but it can and did.  Life behind a mask and closed doors reminds us of just how powerless we are. 

That was followed, or actually joined by turbulence in our cities.  Tempers and tensions flared.  The United States broke up into not-so-united fragments.  Frustrations reached a fever pitch.  Legitimate demonstrations morphed into passionate confrontations.  Two sides of a volatile issue both pointing fingers at the other, and peacemakers were nowhere to be found.  It was the summer of the virus and the violent, and the heat was on.

The eye exam of 2020 was not finished just yet.  There was more added to sharpen our vision.  California exploded into wildfires consuming acreage and claiming forests with indescribable ferocity.  Firefighters worked tirelessly around the clock as God’s beautiful creation went up in smoke.  An ominous shadow fell across the western sky reminding us how quickly the material world can be reduced to smoldering embers.  Eventually, it will all go up in flames.

Just when we thought that things couldn’t get any worse, the gulf coast was smacked by hurricanes.  Destructive winds and battering waters wreaked havoc.  Towns were flooded, homes were destroyed, lives were lost, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.  Weather experts can forecast them and even tell us the likely path they will take.  People can flee the area, but no one can stop it.  It is beyond human control. 

Now, we’re in the last quarter of 2020.  What will be added to this uniquely memorable year?  Only God knows but make no mistake about it, He does know.  It will useful in His hands and eye-opening, whatever it is.  We prayed for improved spiritual vision and there has been plenty to sharpen our sight this year.

Do we see things differently after all this?  We have been shown that much of life is beyond our control.  We have been knocked to our knees by an unseen virus which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.  We saw the violent destruction that results when the Lord’s designs for human interaction are ignored.  We witnessed the devastation of fires and hurricanes.  2020 has offered it all.  Now, do we see better?