Elders: Freeman Stanfield

Freeman Stanfield
Freeman Stanfield


My philosophy as an elder: Elders are to shepherd the flock, with the greatest emphasis on their spiritual health. Elders must reach out to the flock and the flock must be willing to talk to the elders about their needs.

Birthplace/Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Date of rebirth: May 1972

Wife: Susan Stanfield, married since 1979.

Children: Ashleigh Stanfield

Profession: Pharmaceutical scientist for Hospira since 2011

Hobbies: Playing music (guitar and ukulele), weightlifting, chess, coffee, art and most types of puzzles, especially word scrambles, crosswords and Sudoku.

Cell: 252-917-2785

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  1. WOW!!!! I do occasionally wonder how you and Susan are doing. I have googled your name from time to time and this time here is where I landed. I am so happy to see how well your lives have turned out! I miss the good times we had together. Please say hello to Susan and know we wish you the best. Steve & Retta

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