Elders: William ‘Bill’ H. Searcy

Bill Searcy
William ‘Bill’ H. Searcy

Philosophy of Eldership:

An elder is a servant-leader and a wounded-healer. The church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum of perfectly sculpted statues. My center of gravity is Jesus Christ as I understand Him through the Bible as my ultimate authority. My goal in life is to develop the mind of Christ and translate that Mind into flesh and blood relationships with other people.  The death of my first wife in a tragic car accident overseas and numerous other trauma in my life deepen my capacity for empathy and understanding. I can sit with pain and I know loss. These have given me breadth of understanding, a depth of empathy and the ability to sit as a wounded healer with wounded people and give hope to suffering individuals and families. The best scriptural example of what an elder, a shepherd, is comes from Psalm 23 – to feed, nurture, protect and guide God’s flock. The nature of all ministry is healing, guiding, sustaining, reconciling and nurturing.


Birthplace/Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC

Birthdate:  May 4, 1954

Date of rebirth: April 28, 1971


Wife: Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Searcy


Children: Joshua Searcy, David (Dabraham) Searcy and Esther Schmidt

Congregations attended:

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Brooks Ave. Church of Christ, Raleigh, NC;

Hill Street Church of Christ, Rocky Mount, NC;

College Church of Christ, Searcy, AR;

Lilienbrungasse Church of Christ, Vienna, Austria;

Church of Christ, Rostov-na-Donu, Russia-Soviet Union;

White Station Church of Christ, Memphis, TN;

Highland Street Church of Christ, Memphis, TN;

Richardson East Church of Christ, Richardson, TX;

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Corozol Church of Christ, Corozol, Belize;

Belmopan Church of Christ, Belmopan, Belize;

Mango Creek/Independence Church of Christ, Belize;

Monkey River Church of Christ, Belize;

Meru Church of Christ, Meru, Kenya;

Rainbow Church of Christ, Nairobi, Kenya;

Westside Church of Christ, Rocky Mount, NC

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Bill was a missionary for 34 years in 77 countries while also working in various capacities in the mental health field in the US and abroad:

• Missionary, Minister, Pastoral Counselor, Chaplain, Preacher/Teacher

 • Counselor, Counsellor, International Psychotherapist, Trauma and crisis counselor, Counselor for diplomats and families of the UN & American Embassy and other Embassies, Marriage and family counselor, Family, child, adolescent counselor. See www.SearcyCare.com.

 • Educator, Teacher, University Professor, Trainer, Lecturer

 • Community Developer, Organizer, Researcher, Project developer

Hobbies: Scuba diving, reading; writing; learning languages and cultures, geography, travel, visiting museums & art galleries, star & cloud gazing, telescope & microscope, walking, hiking up mountains and camping

Cell: 252-305-4880

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