Mike Hinrichs

Mike and Patty Hinrichs
Mike and Patty Hinrichs

Mike and Patty have been laboring at Westside since 2001.

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  1. i am a homebound person living in franklin county to my knowledge there is no Church of Christ in our county . i am thinking a great deal about baptisim and what is correct about what i need to do to be saved . i really would like to talk to a church pastor please email me

  2. I will get this to our minister, Mike. It will probably be next week before he will contact you, he is out of the country on a mission trip. He will be in touch. David Durgin

  3. I am the preacher’s wife at Poplar Chapel Church of Christ in Jamesville, NC (my husband’s name is David Jones).

    I will be traveling to Richmond next Tuesday & Wednesday (Oct 23-24). I want to meet my sister in Rocky Mount and travel up with her and leave my car overnight just Tuesday night. Would it be ok to leave my car in your church parking lot just Tuesday night? I would really appreciate it!

    I have a white 2014 Ford Escape & I would leave a note in the window that I have permission to leave my car there.

    Like I said before, I would really appreciate this — it’s hard to find a place to leave my car — and I hate to make the trip in separate cars when we can carpool together!

    You can contact my husband by phone (his cell is 252-802-0345) or just reply to this email with your answer.

    Thank you very much
    Sharon Jones

  4. Sharon, Sorry for the delayed response. If you ever need to do this again you are welcome to use the parking lot. No excuse for not reading this earlier, I have just been busy.
    So sorry. David Durgin

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